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Public Art Works
Just a few more commissions I've created 

    "The Flute Player"
(located in the reflecting pond at City Hall, Milpitas, CA)
    commissioned  by
   The  City of Milpitas, California


commissioned by

The City of  Milpitas, California

         "Mountain Majesty"

Glacier Park International Airport,

           Kalispell, Montana

14.The Flute Player Milpitas City Hall c

This large bronze was inspired by my sister,  Mary, who was a very talented flute player in the Flathead High (Kalispell)  Band.
Small replicas are available . These are wonderfully detailed in bronze with a colored patina and a beautiful walnut base.   
These have been collected throughout the world and presented to city officials as gifts in places such as Japan and in the Philippines. and, of course,  here in the United States.



The idea for this "larger than  a regular kid size"  commission  began in early 1999, with sketches and model making and all the "red tape" we artists go through. for a public art commission.
It was finally cast in bronze & placed at The Milpitas City Hall in 2004.  A few years later, we moved it to the new Milpitas Library to be with more children. Each child was inspired by my brother and sisters.  My models were a variety of elementary school kids at schools where I taught classes.

The Flute Player 1.jpg

Internationally Collected!

"The Little Flute Player"
Limited Edition Replica of the life-size bronze in the pond
9" tall x 10" wide

Available for casting now
$950.00 half down upon ordering
Free Shipping


Inspired by the migration of bald eagles in nearby Glacier National Park, this is my first public art piece.
It is nearly 17 feet tall from the floor. Each bald eagle is nearly 7 feet wide. One eagle has just caught a salmon from McDonald Creek in the park.

I sell small, 14" tall,  beautiful, replicas of this magnificent scene.  It is a limited edition.  They have been collected by royalty (the King of Thailand and the Elite Thai Jump Team),  well known companies, and dignitaries throughout the World. See below how to get your
own limited edition bronze of "Mountain Majesty".


Note: The life-size eagles, "Mountain Majesty", at Glacier International Airport will be removed temporarily  for airport remodeling. They should be back in place soon!

"Mountain Majesty" replica
    14" tall x 6" wide

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Mayor Esteves presenting to Japan.jpg

Internationally Collected!


The Mayor of Milpitas, CA, left, presenting my "Little Flute Player" to Milpitas' Sister City in Japan

The Philippines

Our former Mayor of Milpitas, CA third from left,  The Honorable Jose Esteves, presenting my "Little Flute Player" to Milpitas' Sister City in Dagupan, The Philippines


Presented to the King of Thailand!

Call me now to order one of these
beautifully patinaed bronzes


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