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"The Little Adobe Water Tower"

8' tall x 36" square

Alviso Adobe Park, Milpitas, CA

2.The Little Alviso Water Tower.jpg

This is a Public Art Commission.
Based on the history of the South Bay Area (south of San Francisco), Milpitas, CA, is best known for its former abundance of apricots and other fruits.

The name "Milpitas"  is loosely translated to mean "Little Corn Field".  Farming, cattle raising, and trading led this area to become a major center for buying and selling. Nearby San Jose was the capitol then. The Spanish and new Americans  prospered but the original Indian tribes were gradually pushed aside for this influx of  strangers with strange ways. What they all had in common, however, was the desperate need of water in order to continue to prosper.

I designed this little tower,  (8 feet tall) including cutting the metal tiles for the roof,  to show the history, on all four sides, beginning with the Miwouk Indians up to present.. The acrylic panels depict rare family photos, drawings and laser graphics I've done, as well as maps and paintings.  The viewer will learn what made this area so rich.

Carla Moss


"Life As I Know It".

A model for a public art piece.
      20 ' tall x 8' wide
Mounted on a granite base.



I create many models for site specific environments.  Every piece, whether it's a graphic design, signage, or sculpture is well researched and created for that particular job. 

I've designed playgrounds, light towers featuring salmon and rivers,  way-faring signage for Silicon Valley Companies,
Tivo, Silicon Graphics, museums., and families that want a beautiful piece for their fireplace mantel.
If you want a one of a kind creation, we can work together to come up with an ideal piece. 

Carla Moss


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