Mountain Majesty

        1 7 feet tall,--Bronze

Glacier Park International Airport

       Kalispell, Montana

My first public art piece 1984

Photo by Marshall Noice

This was so much fun to do, took a long time, and was a great learning assignment. I was working at Powell Bronze foundry for many years before this and learned the "lost wax" method of bronze casting.

Each eagle is about a full 7' in wing span and both are mounted on an aggregate stone base. I sell small 14" replicas of this piece.Each person who buys one gets a brass name plaque attached to the eagle's base (you can't see it here) and they receive a certificate of authenticity ( same with all of my bronzes in limited editions) with a small booklet that I wrote about this piece.

14" replica of 17 foot for collectors !!

Please call me for your LIMITED bronze

Carla-Pouring bronze at San Jose State