Photo Collages and Digital Imagery

Using my own images and some that I've borrowed, I love to combine photography and text, color, and textures to create a "digital painting" or PhotoCollage.


Many are based on historical ideas or people. I recently created a small tower of an historical Milpitas family, the Alvisos who were one of the first families here to establish a Rancho of over 4,000 acres. Images from the family albums were printed onto acrylic sheets. I also used laser cut designs depicting the crops and animals. These were my designs cut from steel which added to the history of The Alviso Adobe Park. This is a public art project for the City of Milpitas. It was a year in the making and a fun piece to do.

Cutting steel roofing

Steps in producing laser cut steel

One 12" x 24" acrylic panel with more than 7  layered digital images using PhotoCollage.

Painted acrylic panels

placed behind artwork

to simulate water. The large

water tower on the rancho

held all the water for rancho

life at the adobe .

Alviso Adobe Park Tower

City of Milpitas, California   2013 

7' tall X 24" square