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My Story


Me -- at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana about 7. I'm wearing my "Sister Sister" shirt. Pam was the only sister at this time. Then came 2 more sisters and a brother!

No wonder I'm bossy!

Carla's Resume  2021

Carla's Story

My first horse, Knobby. I got him for my birthday in November and I also got a baby sister. I loved that horse so much and, of course, that new baby sister! 

Knobby was about 12 and I was about 8. I loved him so much!


Updated 3/12/2024

Carla1 copy.jpg

Carla Ann Erickson Moss  2021


Hi there! 

 I'm so happy you found me. I am both a Professional Sculptor and Graphic Designer. This combination of disciplines is beneficial in all projects that I'm working on, be it Public Art, Digital "PhotoCollages", my OTHER "found objects" sculptures called  A.R.T.-bots, or any creative project.


My background in both disciplines allows me to be detailed and yet gives me the freedom to push my creativity in any direction. I pay attention to doing an excellent job in either of these paths, or a combination of both, assuring an even greater product for my deserving client.


             This is my business. This is my life.











   ...and I've been working on a new piece, ready for casting.


To see the clay model, click on the image to                 take you to a new page

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