Me -- at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana

about 7. I'm wearing my "Sister Sister" shirt. Pam was the only sister at this time. Then came 2 more sisters and a brother!

No wonder I'm bossy!

About Me


Born in the BIG CITY of San Francisco, my parents finished college and moved back home to Kalispell, Montana. I grew up surrounded by lakes, streams, mountains, and plenty of the Big Sky wilderness near Glacier National Park.


All kids were taught fishing, camping, shooting, how to have fun in the icy waters of dozens of lakes, hiking the shores and high mountain trails, playing Cowboys and Indians, and watching the amazing wildlife. It was pure heaven for us. It became my background for all my art and experiences that are now embedded in my soul.


I attended Montana State University in Bozeman majoring in Art Education with courses in Architecture, Industrial Design, and Painting. I later attended San Jose State University and received my BA in Studio Art and I squeezed in a degree in Graphic Design, and Certification in Architectural drafting in AutoCAD and Mechanical drafting.


After a few too many years in the ice and snow of Montana, We moved to Maui, HI. Here, I did a lot of SCUBA diving and learned more about the great ocean and its inhabitants. Some of us built a bronze casting foundry up above Makawao. All this was heaven...but even that life had to change. After a few years here, we decided to move to The Bay area of Silicon Valley. What a change!


We lived Milpitas, California for several good years, not far from my birth place and continued to do my art. I enjoyed all the public art I created and loved working for the arts, teaching elementary school kids for 20 years, and serving as an Arts Commissioner for 2 years.  teach art classes to both kids and adults. Much of my work is commissioned for Public Art.

Today we are back home in Kalispell, Montana!

Carla's Art Auto-Bio

My first horse, Knobby. I got him for my birthday in November and I also got a baby sister. I loved that horse so much and, of course, that new baby sister! 

Knobby was about 12 and I was about 8.









Carla's Resume